About TOTE Group

At TOTE Group, we take pride in our valued position as an industry leader in maritime shipping, shipbuilding & management, and terminal operations. We are dedicated to serving our customers by seamlessly connecting our ship services and technical solutions with our environmentally sustainable maritime vessels and world-class terminal operations.

We consist of independently operated companies spanning three business lines: Maritime, Terminals, and Services. These businesses uphold our shared values of Safety, Commitment, and Integrity, leading us to consistently provide reliable and superior service to our customers and the communities.


Our shared values of safety, commitment and integrity define who we are and what we stand for. They are the foundation and standard by which we operate internally, driving what we are known for externally. Our focus on caring for each other and the communities we are connected to and meeting the highest standards of ethical business behavior set the course for our group of companies each and every day.


At the forefront of every decision and action

The TOTE Group companies are dedicated to the safety and well-being of everyone who comes in contact with our organization. Our teams are dedicated each and every day to ensure we meet and exceed all safety requirements and expectations in the often harsh and complex environments we work in. As an organization, TOTE Group and the Saltchuk family of companies provide training, tools, and support for all employees and partners to work in a safe environment.

Speak Up Take Action

  • The TOTE Group companies are committed to creating an environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up about safety concerns.

  • The Speak Up Take Action program encourages everyone throughout the organization to report any concerns they have without fear of retaliation.


To our people, customers, communities and environment


  • The TOTE Group companies believes giving back to the communities they serve is an integral part of their business and culture. Every year, our companies become more engaged in their local communities through financial grants, in-kind support and the investment of time by their employees.

  • Each TOTE Group company is responsible for its own contributions program. For information about activities and support in specific markets, visit their company sites.

Continuous Improvement

  • The TOTE Group companies are committed to supporting our customers, both internal and external, with a focus and drive for Continuous Improvement.

  • The dedicated Continuous Improvement teams throughout the group of companies are constantly assessing systems and processes to ensure the most reliable and efficient working models are being used.


The foundation of everything we do

Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. The TOTE Group companies are committed to meeting the highest standards of ethical conduct. We rely upon this commitment to ethical standards as an essential guide in our business dealings. 

Fair and open dealing with others are the cornerstone of the way we interact with our customers, vendors and stakeholders. At the TOTE Group companies, we believe that ethical conduct is the key to achieving operational excellence and financial success.

The TOTE Group and its subsidiaries expect all customers and vendors to follow specific standards in order to conduct business with a TOTE Group company.

Ethics & Compliance

  • TOTE Group has developed a Corporate Compliance Program for participation by all employees. The Compliance Program is designed to assist in complying with the increasingly complex laws and regulations governing the industry as well as general business conduct.

  • It is TOTE Group’s expectation that each and every one of its employees within its companies will freely communicate their concerns pertaining to any Compliance related issue to any Compliance Officer. TOTE Group will treat any such report confidentially to the maximum extent consistent with the fair and rigorous enforcement of the Corporate Compliance Program.

  • In addition, to further encourage reporting, Saltchuk has a third-party Hotline (1-800-270-7513) and website to which employees can report issues anonymously. It is TOTE Group’s express policy that no adverse action or retaliation will be taken by TOTE Group or its companies against any employee due to the good faith reporting of a suspected violation or irregularity.


The Totem Ocean Trailer Express vessel, S.S. Great Land, makes her maiden voyage from Seattle to Anchorage.


Totem Resources Corporation is launched and acquires Totem Ocean Trailer Express.


Interocean Management Corporation (IOM) begins managing US Maritime Administration (MARAD) vessels.


Sea Star Line, LLC is launched under the name of Sea-Barge.


Totem Resources Group buys Interocean Management Corporation (IOM).


IOM becomes one of the principal US flag operators to assist MARAD and the U.S. government in the military sealifts associated with Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.


Sea Star Line, LLC is purchased by Totem Resources Group and Puerto Rican investors.


Sea Star Line acquires Navieras’ assets. In August, Totem Ocean Trailer Express christens the first of its two vessels in the new ORCA-Class.

Totem Resources Group creates American Shipping Group to manage Sea Star Line, Totem Ocean Trailer Express, and IOM.


TOTE Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom brings with it a request from the United States Military Sealift Command to charter the S.S. Northern Lights to assist with the return of war equipment to the United States, and carry materials for rebuilding Iraq.


IOM becomes Interocean American Shipping (IAS).


Totem Ocean Trailer Express completes a $2.7 million shore power project to reduce diesel and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 percent during the company’s 100 ship calls each year at the Port of Tacoma. 2011 - IAS is awarded a contract with Military Sealift Command for the continued operation of the USNS SBX-1.


American Shipping Group changes its name to TOTE, Inc. and introduces the TOTE Maritime Alaska, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, and TOTE Services brands to the market.


TOTE and NASSCO launch the world's first LNG-powered containerships. In December the Isla Bella, the first Marlin Class vessel, enters the Puerto Rico trade.


 Puerto Rico Terminals is established to provide port services to vessels arriving at the San Juan port.


First Coast Terminals is established to provide stevedoring and cargo services in Jacksonville, FL.


TOTE Group is established to include multiple independently operated companies to support the maritime, terminal, and services lines of business and TOTE Resources as the shared services provider. These include, TOTE Maritime Alaska, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, First Coast Terminals, Puerto Rico Terminals, TOTE Services, and TOTE Resources.

TOTE Group Leadership

Relationships are at the core of our leadership philosophy.

Integral to our mission is attracting and developing innovative industry leaders who can effectively implement TOTE Group’s long-term strategies while enhancing existing businesses and customer relationships.



TOTE Group proudly belongs to the Saltchuk Family of Companies

Saltchuk Blue logo

As the Federal government tracks COVID-19, more commonly referred to as the Coronavirus, and the impacts it may have on the global supply chain, TOTE Group is closely monitoring the situation with a focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues, our customers and our partners above all else.

All TOTE Group subsidiaries’ operations are running normally and remain unaffected by COVID-19.

We are dedicated to business continuity and providing safe and reliable transportation services to the markets we serve. TOTE Group is taking proper health and safety precautions throughout the organization to protect one another, our crews, our vessels and operations, and the cargo we ship.

In order to ensure we are prepared to respond, TOTE Group is closely tracking updates provided by federal authorities, including, but not limited to the World HealthOrganization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), International Chamber of Shipping, and U.S. Coast Guard.